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VIP Program of the Riviera Casino

If it is known Australian players that the Casino Riviera offers the best Casino games online On a quality interface, it is also known that this online casino is distinguished by its program VIP. In addition to its many generous bonuses and exceptional gains, this casino has recently set up an VIP class program accompanied by several benefits for players.

Operation of the VIP Program

The VIP program of casino Divides into several different classes and each level comes with personalized advantages and even more interesting bonuses. This VIP program is divided into 5 different classes and players must accumulate loyalty points for a certain period of time to pass from a lower class to a higher class.

Loyalty points are accumulated on every one you do on your favorite casino games such as slot machines, roulette, Blackjack, video poker and keno. Loyalty points are not granted according to the deposits you perform in the casino, but according to the bets you make playing. Thus to get a little idea, the casino offers a loyalty point for 50 € laid in the casino.

VIP Program: different classes

The VIP program is divided into 5 classes that are the bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond level.

Bronze level

The Bronze class is the input class of the VIP program at the casino. This level is accessible when the player totals at least 200 loyalty points. This class gives the player the advantage:

  • to remove 10% on a bonus without deposit.
  • To have a weekly gain removal limit capped at 1500 €
  • See his request for withdrawal being finalized in 96 hours

Silver level

To go from the bronze class to the silver class, the player must accumulate a minimum of 10,000 loyalty points. This level entitlesus to:

  • A weekly cashmaker of 5% on your losses
  • A daily cashback of 10%
  • A birthday bonus of 100 €
  • A withdrawal limit of 4000 € for a waiting period of 48 hours.

Gold level

To benefit from the benefits of the Gold Class of the VIP Program of The Casino Riviera, the player must accumulate at least 50,000 loyalty points. As benefits, you will receive:

  • A birthday bonus of 200 €
  • A removal limit of gains of 6000 € per week in only 48 hours.
  • A weekly casehback of 7.5% and daily 10% on all your losses.

Platinum level

To access this VIP class, the player must have accumulated at least 150,000 loyalty points. The benefits of this class are considerable; among others:

  • A weekly and daily cashback of 10%
  • Unlimited deposit bonuses
  • A birthday bonus of 500 €
  • A gain removal limit of 10,000 € in 24 hours

Diamond level

This class is only accessible by invitation. The casino determines players who can enjoy the benefits of this class based on certain criteria of choice. Note that The casino Regularly organizes promotions that allow players to double or even triple their loyalty points by playing on a specific game. This game can be a new online slot machine or another table game. You can enter these opportunities to increase your loyalty points and pass VIP class.