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Variants of Craps

The online craps comes in different shapes and variants. To feel comfortable and explore all these variants, we strongly advise you to know the traditional version of this game and try your luck on the Best online casino. Here is a quick tour of the variants of craps that are a great success with players and you can discover in online casinos we offer.

High Point Craps

By playing the High Point Craps, the player must do 11 or 12 on his first dice throw. Any number other than the 2 and 3 that are ignored will help the player to take stock. You must go out the same number one second time before your gains are validated. This version of Craps has an advantage of the house of only 2.35% and a 1: 1 coast for payment.

Simplified Craps

The Simplified Craps or Simplified Craps in Australian allows the player to win if it is a 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or a 12. If the dice go out any other number except 1 you lose the game. This version has the advantage of being easy to play compared to the basic game. It offers a very limited number of winning combinations that are covered by interesting payment ratings. The Simplified Craps has an advantage of the house of 2.8%.

Bastard craps

The Bastard Craps or Crash Craps allows you to form the point by pulling a 2, 3, 12 (craps) or pulling a 11 (natural). On the other hand a draw of 7 will automatically cancel your start start. Clearly, you only losing in this version only when you shoot a 7 before taking stock. This version offers gain probabilities that can rise up to 5 against 1. The advantage of the house is 5.38 on this version, which is four times higher than traditional craps.

New York Craps

The New York Craps is mainly played on the east coast of the United States especially in Atlantic City. This version is also the most played in Britain. Unlike other variants, this version does not cover bets Come and Do not come. Starters must therefore bet on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The payment of bets is based on gain probabilities. Note, however, that online casinos always prevail a 5% commission on all your gains.

Private craps

Private Craps is the privately played version at home and with friends. In this version you do not need a banker or a dealer. You can establish your own game rules Craps Online for pleasure. This version is forbidden in several countries because considering the preferred variant of the underworld and the mafia media.

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