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Types of Paris on the roulette

The roulette table contains a table with numbers, blocks and words offering the possibility for many Types of Paris on the roulette. It's the work of the beginner player to discover how the different bets are called and what they really mean. The good news is that this is simpler than you think and on this guide to Australian casino we will demonstrate this segment by segment how to place bets on the roulette.

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Paris interiors on roulette

The paris interiors are bets made on individual numbers. These bets can also include a larger group of numbers because they are connected to each other inside the grid.

Types of Paris on Roulette: Paris Interiors on Roulette

  • PARI FULL (simple bet)

is one that is placed on any number or number on the wheel, including 0 and 00. This bet pays 35-1. Which means that if you drop 10 € and you win, you will get 360 €.

It's true that it's a very tempting bet! But remember that there are 38 numbers on a wheel (37 on a European wheel) and because the pari pays 35-1, the house draws its advantage from this extra box. This bet is placed by putting your chips directly on the number you want.

The other bets are made by placing your chips on the lines of demarcation between the numbers on which you want to place your bet, as well as on the end of the line or column. But before you start between Paris, reassure that you know the rules of the roulette at the casino. Let's quickly see these different bets.

Types of Paris on the roulette: PARI ON HORSE

  • Pari on horseback (Split BET)

is a bet on two adjacent numbers to each other inside the grid. This bet that pays 17-1 can be done by placing your chips on the line of demarcation between the two adjacent numbers.

  • Transversal bet or street bet (Street Bet)

is a bet on three numbers that are arranged in a row inside the grid. You can do this bet by placing your chips on the line separating the grid of exterior bets. This bet pays 11-1.

  • Square or corner bet (Corner BET)

is a four-digit bet placed on the "corner" or at the intersection of four adjacent numbers inside the grid. The corner bet pays 8-1.

You can realize that the more you bet on a wider range of numbers, the distribution ratios are decreasing because a wider bet gives you a better chance of winning. So you have the choice between big gains or frequent payments.

  • Bet on five numbers

can only be done on an American wheel because it integrates the 0 and 00. By placing your chips on the intersection line between 0-00 and 1-2-3, you bet your money on one of these numbers .

Although it can be attractive because you "bet on the house", note that this bet has the same advantage of the house like all other betlets on roulette (7.89%) because its distribution rate remains 6-1.

  • Double cross bet or double bet

is similar to the transverse bet, but you bet on two streets at a time. You realize this bet by placing your chips on the intersection corner of the two streets and the indoor-outside line of demarcation. This bet pays 5-1.

Paris exterior on roulette

Types of Paris on roulette: exterior bets

Exterior bets include largest categories like red and black or odd and even. While payments on these bets are not as stunning as when you hit the jackpot on a simple bet, they are bought by their gain probabilities.

Red or black

You can bet on the color of the number that will come out, namely red or black. Because there are 18 numbers on the wheel for each color, the one you choose depends on your personal preferences. These bets pay equal money, 1-1.

You can think that's a good deal, but remember that there are two green numbers on the map, so there is a little less than 50% chance that the ball stops on the color of your choice.

Types of Paris on roulette: Pair or Odd


are exactly as they sound. You bet that the number that will go out will be either odd (like 1, 3, 5, 7 ...) or be pair (like 2, 4, 6.8 ...). These bets also pay 1-1, because there are 18 peer-figures and 18 odd numbers on the wheel.

It is interesting to note that because the numbers are arranged not consecutively on the table, you can not match a black bet with an odd bet or a red bet with a pari. They will essentially be different bets.


When you want to bet on a large part of the table, you can try to bet on 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. These bets are simply consecutive numbers that divide the 36 numbers of the table in two equal halves. This bet also pays equal money, 1-1.

  • Pari dozen

consists of three bets that you can place on the first, the second and third group of 12 numbers on the table. These bets pay 2-1.

  • Column bet

You can also bet on columns, which also pay 2-1. You can see that the rack of the numbers on the table is arranged in three long columns and these represent the group of numbers on which you can bet.

As you can see, the 0 and the 00 on the wheel create the advantage of the house because the zeros are neither peer nor odd, neither red nor black and are not part of the division of the 36 numbers on the wheel . Thus, when the ball lands on 0 or 00, all exterior bets lose.

Types of Paris on roulette: the rule in prison

When you play on a Australian roulette, the rule "in prison" states that when the ball lands out of 0, all bets are frozen or "imprisoned" until the next rotation. If only the ball lands again on zero, then all exterior bets and those not containing zero on interior bets are losers.

It's like saying a second chance to win granted to players and an important element to consider when choosing between Australian roulette and American roulette. The next time you look at a roulette table, I am convinced that what you read above will help you recognize the different sections on the table and the multitude of ways you can place your chips and win.

Remember to listen carefully to what people around you and pay attention to what the croupier is doing. This will also help you decode the game. Start on the online roulette remains the safest and fastest way to understand the game without having the pressure of the connoisseurs crowd around you.

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