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Bingo rules

Discover the rules of the free bingo; a game of chance that can play with family or in the best Online Casinos of Australia. The traditional game is practiced with 90 numbered balls and players must check the numbers on the map following the sequence of the numbers drawn by a speaker.

Difference between traditional bingo and online bingo

The rules of play are not very different between the two variants. The advantage of playing online is that the cardboard is virtual; so no need to own a pen. As customs, you will not need to shout "bingo" at the end of your game; The casino automatically declares you winner. The big difference lies rather on the bingo variant you have chosen to play.

Difference between bingo and lotto

If these two games seem to be close, note that they are very different. If at the base, they are gambling where the numbers are shot randomly; Note that the grid configuration does not respond to the same principle.

Lotto players follow their intuition to choose random numbers while bingo, players only check the numbers that are drawn.

Unfolding a part of traditional bingo

For a game of bingo with family or friends, you will need:

  • To have bingo grids with 15 numbers.
  • To have balls ranging from 1 to 90.
  • To have tokens to cover the numbers on the map.

The player receives one or more grids with 15 numbers. When the speaker shouts a random number; The player will then have to cover the number with a token or check with a pen. The game will continue until the player covers the entire grid.

Start bingo in the best online casinos

We advise you to try the game online because of the great diversity that the casinos offer. In addition, you can receive a free real money bonus to increase your gain chances. In summary, the Bingo online Being a pure game game, there is no strategy or rule to apply.

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