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Rules of Craps: Learn the principles online

The Craps rules are simple; A fast paced table game that always attracts the crowd. This casino game can be intimidating enough for beginner players. This clear and easy guide is there to help you learn the simple rules of Craps online. From the origin of craps until the throwing of dice; Tokens and table markings. You will learn everything you need to know by visiting the Online casinos that we offer. You will impress your launcher colleagues. More importantly, you will win with your new know-how.

Craps rules : A very fast story about craps

In order to really understand a game, you must know the story. The most distant ancestor known to craps was a much more complicated game; called hazard. This game was favorite among the English soldiers during the Crusades. From there, the game spread to the Knights and the Australian aristocracy.

The version of the craps we know today has come Australian settlers in Louisiana. Where the game has been simplified to be easily understood and played by people in the streets. In fact, it is the same that craps comes out. The word is actually a shortening of the Australian toad. Because of the way players squat into the street to snuggle on dice like crapauds. Today, this kind of craps Street is generally known as 'throwing dice'.

Craps rules : The Craps Table

There is a whole range of staff on the table of craps. Which is partly because Craps is a fast moving game and also because manipulating a craps table at the casino requires a lot of work and you need some very sharp mathematical skills to do it. First you will notice a "stickman" that is the man with cane.

His job is to collect the dice after they have been thrown away and restore them to the launcher or pass them to the next launcher. Its multi-purpose stick, a long wood with an inclined tip can also be used to recover losing bets on the other side of the table; He is also responsible for the announcement of the results of the launch, which is not as easy as you do not think because there is a special name for each dice throw on a Craps table.

There are also two basic croupiers on each side of the table. The painting is often double-sided, which means that the same pattern of betting zones is printed twice along the felt to accommodate more players. The basic croupiers collect losing bets and pay those who are winners, while the Boxan supervises, keeps the chips and makes changes for players. If you visit the casino when it's quiet, you will find only one dealer or a single dealer who serves as Stickman at the same time.

These roles are filled at full capacity when the table is "hot" that is to say when there are many players who make bets at a time.

Rules of Craps: Be craps launcher

When the launcher prepares to roll the dice, it must be careful not to completely cover the dice from the view or to bring them out of the limits of the table. Although cheating is almost impossible in modern casinos, it is considered a fake step to "hide" even for a short moment. It is better to do things openly and honest. The croupier considers you a courteous player. It is only by mastering these rules that you can be considered as the biggest player of Craps. So is the same for other game like blackjack, how to win is an obligation for any good player.

If the launcher throws too hard and one or both dice leave the table, they can either choose two new dice in the cubic box that the dealer keeps or they can scream "even dice", then the dice will be recovered, Inspected by the Boxman and put back into play. While some superstitious players prefer to keep the same dice in this situation, it really slows down the game and can annoy other players and the croupiers; So starting that a beginner player, you'd better avoid shouting "even dice" to leave the game to continue smoothly.

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