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Average depression rate on slot machines

The repayment rate is also called the expected recovery rate in the online casino ; Average long-term performance or redistribution rate. It's simply an indicator of how much you can hope to recover on a game.

Clearly that means that if you bet at least 100 euros on a game, you can hope for 95 euros in the long run. It goes without saying that for obvious reasons you should always opt for online slots with the highest average payment percentage. The only concern is that the repayment rate Online slot machines are not usually known and can not be calculated in the same way as for live roulette for example.

Department rate: how is the calculation

This percentage can be calculated using a complex mathematical procedure based on the number of different types of symbols appearing on a coil. But again, this information is not a public domain. The only organisms that are really aware of repayment rate Medium of slot machines in online casinos are software developers and organizations that certify randomness and equity of slot machines. These organizations rarely put this information available to online casino players.

However, there are some software providers that do them. In the case of Rival Gaming for example, if you want to know the depression rate of a particular slot machine, you must click on the "Help" button. The page that opens reveals the information. For example, the repayment rate Expected on the "Global Cup Soccer" slot machine is 94%, the revitalization rate for "A Switch in Time" is 95% and the expected redistribution rate on "Candy Cottage" is 96%. You can access the casinos offering the best distribution rates by visiting