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Online players: a more simplified self-exion procedure

The addiction to the game can be considered a scourge that always ends up being dramatic not only for the Online players But also for his family and friends. To prevent this, several solutions have been developed by the Online casinos To protect lovers from gambling that face this problem.

Online players: autoExclusion and other protective mechanisms

Among the mechanisms put in place we find, among other things, self-exclusion. This is a temporary measure by which online players apply to be excluded from the casino for a specified period of time. This suspension period of his account may be one week, one month, three months or even 6 months depending on the casinos.

Next to this measure, there are other even more radical as the request for final closing of the player account without the possibility of opening another and finally the prohibition of play that has a validity of 3 years. Some online casinos have an information sharing system that has an online player who has been declared dependent on the game in an online casino can be banned from all other online casinos that are in the same network.

Online Starters: Procedure for AutoExclusion

As we can see, self-illustration measures are often initiated after the request has been formulated by the player with his casino. Usually casinos Require the player to send them an email detailing the reasons for his request before they can run and this procedure can take days. For their part, online casinos also set up a responsible gaming system with headings on their sites containing more or less flexible measurements to assist the player who feels he has a game addiction problem.

These measures can be restrictions on weekly or monthly game hours or be a weekly or monthly limitation on deposits for a certain specified period. Note that restrictions on deposit methods can only be applied when the player uses a credit card during his deposits. This is difficult to control when the player uses electronic wallets like Neteller, Click2Pay or others to deposit in his account.

A new solution recently developed by some online gaming providers offers the possibility to the player to activate a voluntary self-exclusion procedure without applying to the a priori casino. The player will also have the opportunity to choose the duration of this exclusion. This new measure can enable multiple addictive gambling players to combat this problem effectively. This new measure that applies to online casinos can extend to land casinos.

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