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Percentage of payment in online casinos

ECOGRA, which is a verification body of Online casinos also publishes the percentage of payment for online casinos it controls. Unfortunately, the numbers on individual slot machines are not published, only the Percentage of payment Through all online slot machines games that are offered by a casino. This information will not be useful if you select a slot machine online based on the redistribution rate criterion.

Percentage of payment in a practical way

On a more practical level, it is important for you to know the Percentage of payment a machine for several reasons. What is known, the Percentage of payment Acceptable on a slot machine must vary between 94% and 96%. Let's say you bet 100 euros a day for 300 days on a machine, it makes a total of 30,000 euros from betting.

If you bet this amount on a slot machine having a Percentage of payment 94%, you should expect to lose a total of 1,800 euros during this period. If, however you bet on another machine having a Percentage of payment 96% you will have to wait for a total loss of 1,200 euros for the same period of play. The difference is at least 600 euros. So you will have to evaluate if this difference is consistent or not.

If so for you knowledge of this information is important, we recommend that you bet on slot machines with a redistribution rate of at least 96%, if not otherwise, then you simply need to ignore this number and choose Your slot machines on the only basis of the features and graphs that are offered. Visit the / to play in online casinos offering the meteurs payment rate and to learn more about The advantage of the house.