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Mycitadel: an option of choice in online casinos

Mycitadel in online casinos always stays an option accepted on a few Casino sites online; Although it is no longer in operation. Mycitadel is more available as a electronic portfolio online. Mother Society; ESI Entertainment Systems was found in violation of American anti-game laws. They actually ceased operations in 2008. The company has ceased to do business in the United States. She had a short existence in Europe; Before finally closing shop. ESI Entertainment Systems is reborn under the appellation of Paramount Trade. The new company operates instant banking payment systems. Some of the instant banking brands under their pavilion include; Citadel Commerce; IDEBIT AND VERIFIED ACH.

Mycitadel and Casinos sites

Mycitadel facilitated a lot of online gaming transactions like Malibu Club Casino. Especially for casino players in the United States of America. The electronic wallet is a preferred deposit method For online poker players. The company claims to comply with American play laws. However, the Ministry of Justice did not believe them. He pursued them for violating the law. They finally managed to negotiate an agreement with the government. An arrangement that saw them pay a fine. They had to stop doing business in the United States. Although Mycitadel no longer has a lot of popularity its system has been developed by other software like Merkur Gaming Industry.

This operator continued to offer the electronic wallet for casino players. That, outside the United States; But the market reaction was poor. Their main market had been online players; In the United States of America. They quickly ceased all operations.

Tips on how to use mycitadel in casinos

  • Use electronic portfolios allowed in some states; For example Skrill in New Jersey.
  • Try other methods to finance your online gambling account; such as Paypal.
  • Find another electronic portfolio that offers the same service in Australia.

Other options Secure electronic portfolios as are available for online players in Australia as Paypal, entroplay and Skrill.