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Merkur Gaming: Online Slot Machines

Merkur is a German play company that effectively brings German play engineering to a high level. They have many years of experience in the industry since 1957. As many years in the terrestrial casinos sector. Merkur offers a wide variety of Casino games online among which to choose; About 150 different titles online. You will always find online slots or another game adapted to your needs. They are passionate and innovative in everything they do. This allowed them to create years of excellent playing traditions.

Merkur: its online slot machines reflect their terrestrial roots

Merkur is well roded and diverse in the industry. The company has developed by inventing fun games with prices; arcade games; and Pubs for land casinos. This contributed to the company's fame with casual players; and professional players. This Merkur platform offers players a global plan to get a benefit of winning. Its recent innovation is at the multi-game system. Like Merkur Star; The Envygarde Slt; and The Evolution SL.

Themes that run your imagination

Merkur does not work only in diversity about his games; but also in the amount of different themes available. There are themes for all tastes; ranging from conventional slot machines to 3 rollers for traditional game fans; In video slot machines of 5 rollers for passionate players. There are also many bonuses and additional features. Features to create a sense of eagerness and joy with players. Some examples of themes explored by Merkur are vintage collections; historical; novelty; and contemporary slot machines. All these themes create a sense of wonder; and strong sensations among players. A particular theme that is very interesting is the theme of adventures. With many medieval and mythical topics to watch. As well as the inclusion of items such as magic; Dragons and treasures.

Merkur provides quality games

The most recent versions of the games produced by this publisher are currently available in HD. Starters can experience experience in the best conditions; while taking advantage of new games such as Scidonia; Odin and Burst Electric. The games provided by Merkur are of exceptional quality.

Merkur can award much of his success to Paul Gauselmann. The creator of Gauselmann Group. This company specializes in manufacturing; and the construction of slot machines and arcade games. Recently; Another addition to the team has proved Merkur's commitment to constantly improve and innovate. This shows the company's flexibility in new ideas from many sources. As well as dedication to value and finesse.

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