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Luckland Casino: SpooOktacular Gadget Race

Luckland Casino still famous Halloween with his Australian players in a very special way with the SpooOktacular Gadget Race. This race you will not find anywhere else than on Luckland Casino offers players of Australian online casino And besides having fun and especially to win great prizes. All you have to do is join the SpooOktacular Gadget Race, start playing to have a chance to find yourself in the winners of this tournament. We invite you to read more to find out what you will gain by participating in the SpooOktacular Gadget Race organized by Luckland Casino.


As we have already mentioned, Luckland Casino players have a chance to win wholesale participating in this phenomenal race. Starters can go out with valuable gains and prices in kind as an Apple MacBook Pro or cash money. Only 20 players will have the chance to stand at the top of the payment table and win one of these exceptional prices. So it's your responsibility to play and guarantee your place on this list.

Awards and gains offered at SpooOktacular Gadget Race

Here is a list of prices you can win by participating in the SpooOktacular Gadget Race

Square Price
Position 1 Apple MacBook Pro 13
Position 2 iPad Air 2
Position 3 Wireless Headset Beats 2
Position 4 Bonus of 300 €
Position 5 Bonus of 300 €
Position 6 Bonus of 300 €
Position 7 Bonus of 250 €
Position 8 Bonus of 250 €
Position 9 Bonus of 250 €
Position 10 Bonus of 159 €

Why play the SpooOktacular Gadget Race Luckland Casino

Another feature with the SpooOktacular Gadget Race de Luckland is that you will not only play against Australian online casino players but good against other players in other parts of the world. We invite you to read our Casino criticism To learn more about magazines. Not only will you have the chance to earn great prices, but you will also enjoy the best casino games available on Luckland. These games are provided by the best casino software providers in the world; Which means a quality gaming experience. So, do not waste time and join the SpooOktacular Gadget Race.