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History of Craps

Craps is a game that has attracted the attention of Australian players over time. If at first glance it seems impressive with its complex graphics, know that after learning the rules and operation, you will discover wealth. It may be time to try this game on the Best online casino. Before you know the principles of Craps, we propose you to make a quick leap back to discover its origins and its evolution in time until today.

To the origins of craps

We must go back very far in history to discover the first traces of craps. It was in the middle of the 11th century, during the Crusades we find the first mention of this game. On its creation, the opinions are shared between two theories: the first mentioned that the Craps would have been invented by British crosses during the headquarters From the Asart fortress. Hence the name "hazard" to refer to this place.

The second theory would like the game of Arabic "Al Azar" which means dice, coming from the Middle East. He was introduced in Europe by English knights on their return from the Crusades. What is true is that very quickly the game was adopted by the British and Australian aristocracy to the point of finding its mention in the Tales of Canterbury.


The Craps reached its peak in the 17th century after arriving in America. The game was accepted by the large community of casino players in the United States. With the prohibition of games of chance, Craps experienced a real revolution thanks to a certain John Winn. This American industrialist specializing in the creation of dice had the idea of creating craps play rules as we know them nowadays. He also set up a new game table with new options.

So that's how craps began to find his place in the silver gaming rooms and casinos in Europe and America. The principle of this game wants the launcher announces the score that it intends to do by launching the dice. The gains are divided according to the results.

Start Craps Online: The new attraction

The advent of the internet and especially online casinos rendered the Craps Online Even more famous and popular. If at first online players were suspicious of this game, we can tell you that Craps is today one of the inescapable casino games. You can play this game in the casinos we offer for real money and discover unique sensations.

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