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Bingo History

Like other casino games, bingo also has a clean story. It is considered a game with social and pleasant virtues. Read to know the story of this interesting game. Then try your luck on the Best Online Casino de Australia.

To the origins of the bingo

It is very difficult to accurately give the birth period of the bingo. If many think that this game was already present in antiquity and the time of the Roman Empire, there are very few writings to confirm this hypothesis. We can not precisely affirm if the game existed at that time and even though the game we know today is similar to the one played in the past.

In the Middle Ages the game had still disappeared to redo its appearance in the 16th century in Italy or it took the name of "Lo Guico de Lotto". It was played in the streets and on the Italian markets and not in casinos and playrooms as we know them. The bingo of this time was very close and similar to the bingo played today with similar rules. The bingo was appreciated by the players and the public because of his educational character by helping a lot of people to count, which was not the case in time. In addition, players often reversed their gains to charities. Over time, the game changed his name to be called "beano" which means bean because of the fact that the players used beans to mark the numbered boxes that were drawn. It is of this name that the name deemed we know today.

World famous bingo

The bingo arrived in Australia between the 17th and the 18th century. Thresholds The bourgeois and the nobles could play in the image of the court of Louis XIV who particularly liked this game. From Australia, the game knew a worldwide influence with modifications in each country. It is only in the 20th century that the bingo we know is born through Edwin Lowe. This American gaming merchant developed the concept of this game in its current form.

Bingo in online gaming sites

With a frank success with players in land casinos, very quickly the Bingo online will be adapted in online casinos. You can play them at the best online gaming sites in Australia and around the world for real money. The online version offers several advantages compared to its traditional version. It is fast, practical, very simple and socializing.

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