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High Rollers: Who are they and what do they do?

If like me you have repeatedly seen on a poker tournament or on a game table where it was said "exclusively reserved for players High Rollers , You asked the question of who were they and what could it be in terms of gambling and benefits in the online casinoHere is the answer.

The term " High Rollers ", Which can translate into" flambosters "in Australian simply refers to these big players who spend hundreds of thousands of euros in an evening in a casino. American players speak more than "Wales" or literally whale. Rest assured, there is nothing pejorative with this qualification. These high rollers are more and more likely to attend the best casinos in the world. The latter know them well and do not hesitate to offer them a VIP treatment with subscriptions giving free access to the best hotels, restaurants and private gambling rooms.

High Rollers: Where do they come from?

These players come from different horizons and have just as different courses. Some are simply heirs of big fortunes, others have raised their fortunes in business. You will find among them stakeholders of Hollywood, professional footballers, real estate developers, Arab princes, etc ...

Whether you are in a land casino or in an online casino like those we propose on /You will soon notice that the High Rollers are very well welcomed because of the amounts they spend. They have game tables or floors in the best casinos that are fully reserved with free drinks and meals, luxurious rooms available and free tickets for the best concerts and shows. Some casinos in Las Vegas or Macao even have private jets that are available. If it is true that they put a lot, they lose as much.

You will easily find them around blackjack tables, from Roulette with live croupier, from Craps or poker. The High Roller Poker Tournaments, for example, who are very popular, are tournaments for which the admission ticket can go upwards within 100,000 euros for the sole purpose of limiting the number of participants. The gains that are offered are equally high, often exceeding the million euros.