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The best ways to let a croupier tip in Australia

Many blackjack players would like to tip a blackjack dealer, but they do not know how to do it. Blackjack, but they do not know how to do it.

It is true that no rule indicates that you must necessarily give a tip to a blackjack dealer, just as there is no rule that forces you to tip a waitress, a hairdresser ect. However, let's be realistic. In the service sector, many people who work hard earn a relatively low base salary and depend on the tips to make ends. It's the same for the croupiers online casino. Here are a few tips.

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Before leaving the table

A solution simply consists in placing a token on the plot at any time and to tell the dealer "This is for you". Most players who rocked in this way do at the end of their game session after coloring their chips and are ready to leave the table.

A bet on your hand

Another way to give a tip is to make a bet for the croupier on your hand. So, if your hand wins, she will receive what you bet for her the gains.

Buy the goodwill of the dealer

Once arrived at the table and the dealer gives you tokens for your money, take a big token (for example, a value of 25 € in green), slide it with the dealer and ask him to exchange it against Red (value of 5 €) or white chips (1 €). With smaller in-hand chips, bet for the dealer at the beginning of your session. This allows him to know from the start that if he / she is friendly and helpful, you will give him a tip.

Depending on your bankroll

It is perfectly acceptable to base your tips on how much you bet. For example, if you are a betting of 5 € or 10 €, give some euros. And if you are a bettor of 25 € or more, we suggest you to give a tip of 5 €.

Card meters

Most card meters do not tip because their advantage is low and, if they switch, their monetary gain could be reduced to nothing. However, regularly giving a dealer's tip suggests that you are an average player who plays blackjack for fun and non-profit. This will help you stay under the online casino radar (that is, it's a good camouflage).

So, calculate your theoretical hourly profit for the card counting system you use, and reserve a small percentage of this amount for tips.

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