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Blackjack surrender

The Blackjack surrender is a variant approaching classic blackjack with the same rules of play; The same basic strategy as well as the bets. The only difference is that in this version, the player has the advantage of giving up his hand outstanding and recover half of his initial bet. It's hard to find others Blackjack variants with similar advantages. As weird as it could seem, there are very few players from online casino who use this option.

Start blackjack surrender online

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Abandon or surrender option in Blackjack

Abandonment is a decision that the player takes during a part of Online Blackjack. As its name indicates, this option allows it to abandon the game when it considers that its hand will be losing. By actuating the abandonment, it automatically loses half of its initial bet and ends the game. It's always better to recover part of its bet rather than losing everything. Experienced blackjack players can certify that this option saves a lot of money.

Two options for abandonment

There are two different types of abandon options that are the Early Surrender (early abandonment) and the late surrender (late abandonment).

Early surrender or early abandonment

With the Early surrender or early abandonment, the player can give up his hand before the dealer checks his cards for a natural blackjack.

Late surrender or late abandonment

In the surrender Late or late abandonment, the player can only activate this option after the dealer checked his cards to see if he has made a natural blackjack or not. This version is the most common in online casinos and in terrestrial casinos in Australia.

Note finally that you can only give up on your first two cards. You will no longer be able to do it after taking an extra card or after having doubled or separated your hands.

Rules of play at Blackjack surrender

As we said above, the rules of Blackjack surrender are very similar to those of traditional blackjack. However, there are some differences between the two versions:

  • The croupier stops on a Soft.
  • Pairs can only be separated once during a part
  • After separating a pair of AS, you only have an additional card.
  • The insurance applies only if the first croupier card is an AS
  • Blackjack pays 3: 2
  • The player has the opportunity to double his closes

Start Blackjack Surrender in the online casino

The largest software publishers like Starttech have already developed blackjack overrender tables. These tables are present in the best online casinos of Australia. By playing blackjack surrender in an online casino, you will only have to press a button for the Abandon option. In a land casino, on the other hand, the player must sign the dealer by drawing a virtual line of about fifteen centimeters below the location of his table on the table. The player can just also pronounce the word "surrender". With this option, this version is an alternative to the classic version. By learning his rules, you can substantially tip the advantage of your side and increase your gains.

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