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Nov 2018

Industry placements and T Levels - stepping up to meet the skills challenge

With the publication of IES' evaluation of the Industry Placements Pilot, which has been testing the work placements integral to the government's new T Level programmes, we discuss the evaluation's findings and implications for T Levels going forward.

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16 Jan 2019

Hiring a chief meaning officer? You're missing the point

Many organisations are hiring chief meaning officer roles. Drawing on IES research, Stephen Bevan highlights how these efforts may be misguided, and not succeed in making work more meaningful for employees.

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15 Jan 2019

2019 looks set to bring talent shortages, so it's time for creative and innovative HR practice

Dan Lucy argues that talent shortages will be the greatest challenge for HR professionals and employers this 2019, though this will encourage greater innovation in HR and a stronger focus on 'good work'.

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RT @tonywilsonIES: So with the madness this week, the excellent @OBR_UK welfare trends report passed me by. Essential reading on how welfar…

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