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Women With Balls: the one with Jess Phillips

‘Brexit? I’m stockpiling for a new statue of Thatcher.’
‘Least said, texted, tweeted, retweeted, Instagrammed, posted, uploaded, shared, blogged, vlogged and Snapchatted, soonest mended.’
‘Before you say it, no — you can’t hand in a marriage licence.’
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Faithless husbands can be the best husbands

Gstaad   Who was it that said we always hurt those we love the most? I did just that last…

16 Feb 2019

‘I don’t know how ever Jerry stands it’: diary of a world war one artillery man

My sister’s boyfriend is a solitary man and easily overwhelmed by another’s presence. On his rare visits he flits in…

16 Feb 2019

Why I could kiss Mark Zuckerberg

Since posting some of my research into the RSPCA on Facebook, I now better understand the way social networking works.…

16 Feb 2019