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Supported Internships success

The first Supported Internships programme began in September 2018 and has just finished, a new programme is starting in September. Find out how the first year went and how to join for the second.

Residents to be offered a home for life

Kensington and Chelsea Council is set to reintroduce lifetime tenancies giving tenants a home for life as well as the security and peace of mind they have been telling us they want.

Our next Full Council is on Wednesday 24 July

The next Full Council meeting will discuss issues including our medium term financial strategy and the review of our scrutiny processes.

Grenfell Response and Recovery

Grenfell Response and Recovery

The Grenfell Response and Recovery service will keep you updated on the Council’s Grenfell Recovery Strategy and how it’s being delivered with the community. You can also access Grenfell-related policies.

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