London Borough of Croydon

Services & information

  • Benefits and council tax

    Includes advice on benefits; council tax; benefit changes managing your money and help with finding a job or training

  • Business and investment

    Includes business rates; trading standards; licences and permits; support for businesses; doing business with the council and more

  • Community and life events

    Reporting crime; community safety; registering births; marriages and deaths; citizenship; Best Start Children's centres; community funding and more

  • Council and elections

    Includes all about the council and your councillors; committees, elections and registering to vote; feedback; consultations and more

  • Education and learning

    Includes Croydon schools and school admissions; adult and further education; special educational needs; support for parents; teacher information and more

  • Environment

    Includes rubbish and recycling; noise, air and other pollution; pest control; flooding and more

  • Health and social care

    Includes health and social care for adults and children; fostering and adoption; public health and more

  • Housing

    Includes advice on council and private housing; paying your council house rent; resident involvement; reporting council property repairs and more

  • Leisure and culture

    Includes libraries; parks; sports; arts and entertainment and more

  • Parking, streets and transport

    Includes parking permits; paying parking fines; roads and pavements; public transport information and more

  • Planning and regeneration

    Includes planning permission; building control; regeneration and more

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