The British Army


To protect the nation, we step forward and meet every challenge

The British Army protects the United Kingdom’s interests at home and abroad, providing a safe and secure environment in which all British citizens can live and prosper.

Life in the Army

If you’re thinking about joining I’d say just go for it – the Army is a fantastic career. LCpl Laura Phillips, Royal Signals
Over 200 Different Jobs
Challenge yourself like never before
Start on over £20k after training
It takes a lot of different trades to run the Army
More than 40 Different apprenticeships
Find where you belong

Britain Takes Lead Role In Enhanced Forward Presence

The Army is currently deployed in over 80 countries around the world. Deployments vary in strength from single military advisors to full operational deployments.




Light Cavalry


Our Serving Troops

The British Army comprises of 112,000 experienced, committed and highly skilled Regular and Reserve soldiers.

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